Welcome to pluemer)communications, an owner-managed agency for corporate communications and public relations which supports companies from abroad to conquer the German market quickly and systematically, in order to shorten your time to market.

We’re specialised in the digital economy as well as in technology, energy, media brands and the real estate industry. Based in Hamburg, the agency is active throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With our know-how and our network we are aiming to enhance presence and awareness in your target markets for your company and its products.

We are efficiently accelerating your market entry by connecting you with the media, potential customers, cooperation partners and decision makers, opening up new opportunities vital to your business.

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Sales PR

Are you aiming at establishing your company and products in the German market, increasing your sales success measurably?

We assist by

  • synchronising PR, marketing and sales measures effectively
  • arranging presence for your issues and products in the market right when your sales team needs it
  • processing content in a way that perfectly matches the needs of trade media or your potential customers respectively

Content Marketing

You have brilliant experts in your team and are seeking to use their know-how in order to raise the profile of your company in the German market?

We assist by

  • establishing stable content production processes with your engineers and experts
  • developing and planning issues which are seen as relevant and generate a positive echo in the market
  • delivering content which meets the interest of your prospects, customised to supply all marketing channels of your company

Your "third hand"

You are facing a lack of capacities for projects, daily business or a consistent development of your communication strategy?

We assist by

  • representing your company as an external press office in Germany
  • advising and accompanying you in order to lift your work to the next level
  • being at your service short term and also project based, without requiring long induction times
  • supporting you with our team when you need to address a high amount of editorial units personally

Start-up PR

You’re establishing a start-up venture and are in need of broad media coverage to raise awareness for your product?

We assist by

  • designing PR measures which create a convincing media echo, even when capacities and budgets are restricted
  • ensuring that your brand remains in the public eye even after the launch
  • easing your work load when ever possible so that you can fully focus on the development of your company
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